Professional Rug Cleaning Plano TX

Rug Cleaning Plano TX

At Carpet Cleaning Plano in Texas we have spent years researching rug cleaning statistics and science. We have devised a natural rugs cleaning system with organic products. No longer will your rug, carpet, fabrics or upholstery smell like nasty chemicals. We serve the area and surrounding zip codes. In this city, we are the experts and our results speak volumes. Call today!

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Do you have expensive rugs in your home? Persian rugs and similar delicate artistically woven rugs are things of delicate beauty. Our Persian rug cleaning skills are second to none. Many families in the area have affluent tastes. Some have family heirlooms that need to be cleaned.

Do you have a highly valued floor covering? Has it been in your family for a while? You should only trust a professional service. Our advanced cleaners will clean it for you safely. We will provide you with the best results.


Most people do not realize how filthy their rugs really are. Rug steam cleaning is a type of power-washing your rugs. It also includes extremely hot steam and vacuuming it out. This will also flush out all the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the years. Does your rug happen to be an art piece hung on a wall? The normal pollution of the air or cigarette and pipe smoke can ruin a valuable carpet. Do not risk your property. Do rug cleaning today!

This goes double for delicate fabrics like silks. Do you need to clean silk rugs or other important fabrics? If you do, call or click Carpet Cleaning Plano in TX. We will take care of all your carpet, rug, or other fabric cleaning needs. Our mobile units can arrive the same day. They will get the job done to your satisfaction.

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